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Recreating The Archive

The image shown on this page is a piece of what was an extensive archive that was created by Lloyd Ruocco. It documented his built and unbuilt  work, published articles and planning studies.  Sadly, that archive was lost or destroyed upon the death of his wife Ilse Hamann Ruocco in 1982.  One of the primary objectives of this site is to create a record of Lloyd Ruocco's work.  Through interviews with commissioning clients, colleagues, research and the generosity of his living relatives a career begins to emerge.  

The project lists are broken into three sections:




There is a high level of confidence that these are Ruocco designed projects based on available historical information and evaluation. 




In these cases there may be some secondary source information or evaluation that suggests Ruocco's hand in the design but the projects may or may not be Ruocco's work. Adequate information does not exist to confirm these projects.


Erroneous Attributions


This list consists of projects that have been erroneously attributed in printed material or websites to Ruocco but are not his work.

I Welcome Your Help

In addition to the lists mentioned above I have dozens of project references without address.  These come in the form of pictures or articles about projects where no address is provided.  In some cases I may even have a commissioning client's name or project name.  I don't have a good way to present those online at the moment but may in the future.

If you have any information about Ruocco designed projects that are not on these lists or if you can provide any information that may help verify an attributed project please use the contact tab to share that information. I will be updating this list as additional information becomes available.

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