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The research that has gone into creating this archive started  started nearly 20 years ago. At that time information about Lloyd Ruocco was scarce and much of the information that was out there was inaccurate. What was evident was that those that knew him had a tremendous affection for the man and a deep respect for his work.  The project lists and other historical research were developed in large part by spending years pouring through old publications, books, magazines and newspapers.  At the heart of this effort were many individuals who urged me on and gave their time to help rediscover lost projects, identify significant historical milestones and help me to piece this all together.  The following individuals played large role in helping me create this archive. 

Homer Delawie 

Fred J. Meyer

Keith York

Jack Matteson

Julius Shulman

Kay Kaiser

Charlotte Hamann Brady

Martha Allen

Stephen Ruocco

Dave Hampton

Will Beers

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