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The following are a sampling of articles and sites covering subject matter related to Lloyd  Ruocco and archivist Todd Pitman.

"Lloyd Ruocco San Diego's Invisible Modernist" Reflections 2005 Vol 36 Issue 2

" A Natural Touch" San Diego Union Tribune September 11th 2005

"1958 Lloyd Ruocco Garden Villa" Plastolux October 16th 2005

"When Was Modern New" Reflections 2007 Volume 38 Issue 1

"Modernism Turns Historic" San Diego Home &  Garden March 2012

"Urbane Legends" Riviera March April 2010

"Architects Envisioned a Spectacular Post War La Mesa" La Mesa Patch November 4th 2011

"The Lillie Residence" Modernist Architecture June 2nd 2014

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