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Ruocco Delawie Rediscovered

Thanks to former Homer Delawie partner John Henderson and research by Keith York of I've been able to add about a half dozen projects by the partnership of Lloyd Ruocco and Homer Delawie. Their partnership lasted from only 1959-1962 but was perhaps the most productive period in terms of built projects of Lloyd Ruocco's career. Homer Delawie brought an entrepreneurial spirit to the firm and where Ruocco had focused on commercial and custom residential commissions, Delawie carried the firm even further towards mass market applications. After some experimentation with the Garden Villa concepts championed by the elder Ruocco, Delawie's hand can be seen in the more classic post and beam approach and integration of more off the shelf building components.

Most of the newly located projects added to the Project List have been lost or heavily remodeled since their original construction but a handful remain. The 1961 Marshall Residence in La Jolla is a wonderful example of a Ruocco Delawie design that retains its original design.

Marshall Residence Ruocco Delawie 1961

Marshall Residence Ruocco Delawie 1961

Marshall Residence Ruocco Delawie 1961

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